Building The Field of Dreams Bike Center in Rwanda. And now: The ACADEMY

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Committed to changing lives through the power of cycling, Israel – Premier Tech cycling team is calling upon sports fans all over the world to join us and be part of building the Field of Dreams bike center in Rwanda. Let's build it together!

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Israel - Premier Tech cycling team is building the ‘Field of Dreams’ bike center at the Community of Hope in Bugesera, Rwanda, as part of the team’s Racing For Change initiative.

With donations of more than 1000 fans,  we have  just completed the first phase of the Field of Dreams: A "Velosolutions" state-of-the-art pump track and a 1.3 km race track that are already changing the lives of the Bugesera youth and the wider Rwandan community.


We are now facing the next phase of the project: Building a Cycling Academy structure that will be dedicated to enriching the lives of thousands of youngsters, serving as an educational tool to develop their skills in cycling and beyond. The " Field of Dreams" Academy will serve as a school for young cycling talents, mechanics, and coaches. Equipment like bikes, mechanical tools, and all other needs will be acquired.


Building the Field of Dreams is not just about building a bike center; it is an opportunity to change the lives of the Bugesera community. With thousands of children coming from around Rwanda to experience the Field of Dreams, mud roads will be paved, and infrastructure will be built. 


More than 300,000 Euros were already invested in the "Field of Dreams," and we anticipate that an additional 300,000 Euros will be needed to complete the Academy.


We already came a long way with your generous support. Let us complete our mission together!



Thank you for helping us to build the Field of Dreams and transform the lives of thousands of youth in Rwanda.



Click here for Terms and Conditions. Please note tax deductions are not currently available for donations from Europe, Canada, and Australia.

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