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Its afficiant, its simple and its the right thing to do. Making a large change with a huge impact in the lifes of Tanzanian villagers.

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Afrikan is an Israeli non-profit organization that enables Tanzanians to develop basic clean water infrastructure and improve educational conditions within their villages.

Founded by former military officers who, during their post army trip, met the local community and fell in love with the happiness and serenity of them all.  

The schools are in terrible condition. There are no windows in the classrooms, over 100 students are in every class. There is no running water either in the school or in the village. There are eight toilets stalls for 700 students and five or more students share a study bench. There is no electricity.

The majority of the water infrastructure and natural water is polluted.  There is no access to clean water for 90% of the village population, and as a result, the morbidity is very high.

We decided to take action and change this situation – Afrikan specializes and focuses on renovating schools and building clean water infrastructure by sending volunteer delegations of ex-military soldiers to work in full partnership with local residents and the district leadership. All volunteers self fund their trip and stay.

We have already sent out 3 volunteer delegations with a HUGE impact on the local community!


Over 50,000 residents were provided with clean water! 4 schools were fully renovated, 500 students receive hot food during the school day, the percentage of morbidity due to the water supply decreased by over 75%, hundreds of lives were saved!

 Due to the uniqueness of the situation, the special connection and cooperation with the local population, the quality of the Israeli volunteers and the local market prices – Afrikans projects in the village have a huge impact. The Israeli volunteer is a role model for the students and elders of the village.

The past delegations where a huge success - the impact on the quality of life of students, parents, teachers and village elders is immeasurable.  As a sighn of good faith the local goverment has matched Afrikans investment in the renovated school in order to inhance the impact and support our work. The israeli foren ministry is well aware of Afrikans work and we have their full blessing and support. 

500% increase in the transition from the newly renovated elementary school to the middle school compared to the previous year!!!

This is just the beginning. There are more schools to renovate and more water lines to install –We have a lot planned.

We are now raising funds to enable our future activities to continue and to enable our next August delegation to take place. We plan to renovate the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Malindi A-B\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' school and replicate the success. We will provide clean water and infrastructure for 1200 students. All donations will go directly to the projects.
Every contribution is significant and has a tremendous impact.

You can choose where your donation will go and how to help us make a big change!

Donating 50 NIS - will allow the purchase of a uniform for students who are registered at the school but do not attend because they are not allowed to go without a uniform and their family cannot afford one. This donation will directly change the lives of these children and help them acquire an education. 

Donating 150 NIS will allow the purchase of a study table - the number of students sharing a table is five, with many students not sitting at all and standing during the entire school day.

Donating 350 NIS will fund the painting of an entire class! Renovation, painting, plastering, decoration. The coloring will make the classroom bright, clean and new. The classrooms have not been painted for 50 years!

Donating  500 NIS will enable the purchase of 500 meters of pipes for transporting water. These pipes will help make clean drinking water accessible and prevent walking five kilometers in favor of pumping contaminated water!

Donating 1,000 NIS will enable the purchase of a water filter for a village of 3,000 people. After installing water pipes that will lead water to the village, the water will be filtered to allow drinking of  unpolluted water. The water filter will save lives and change the lives of thousands!

For USD tax deductible donations (501c3), please enter the next link:

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"You have started a revolution in Malindi and now it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s spreading all over the country" Eliya msumba, head of Malindi






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