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A Warm Hug for Yedidim's Children

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Your Donation. Their Light.

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"Beit Yedidim is

my home.

It\'s my safe place.

Here, I\'m not alone."

(11-year-old Roi)

Roi is one of

 200 invisible children.

Here, at Beit Yedidim,

we see them.


Join us.


we will provide them

a better future. 


Beit Yedidim is a

protection & educational center

for children and youth at risk.


The two Houses are located

in deprived neighborhoods

in Ashdod and Kiryat Gat. 


Beit Yedidim provides for every child:

Emotional support; Academic assistance;

Educational & Social activities; Nutrition;

Self-defense workshopsFamily counseling 


We need you now.



  Adoption of a child:

1 child/month - $150  

1 child/year - $1,800

3 children/year - $5,400

* Adoption of further children is more than welcome


Commemorating your beloved ones

in one or both of Beit Yedidim:

One entire Beit Yedidim:

$150,000/year (for at least 3 years)


One Activity room:



A Homework | Computer | Music room:





\'Yedidim\' (Friends) is an Israeli non-profit

which provides multi-faceted support services

for at-risk populations of diverse sectors.



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