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Saving from the war in Sudan

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Please help us evacuate children and families, many of whom were formerly refugees in Israel, from the war in Sudan, and help them get to a safe haven.

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On April 15, 2023, fighting erupted in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, between two fragments of its transitional government. Within hours, a country that has been struggling to overcome its autocratic regime stained by multiple crimes against humanity, and to claim democracy, has turned into a brutal battlefield, forcing the citizens to flee their homes, halting the economy and causing bloodshed. 

Within just two weeks of fighting, this conflict has already taken the lives of hundreds and has wounded thousands of people, many of them children. Over 100,000 people have already crossed the borders fleeing from Sudan. The number of internally displaced people is still unknown.

Since the beginning of this conflict, we at Become have been flooded with cries for help from children and adults under fire in Khartoum, some of whom we know from the time when they were refugees in Israel and others unknown to us.

Within a few days, we started an evacuation mission, to help families of former Sudanese and South Sudanese refugees in Israel, as well as other people trapped under fire, aiming to bring as many people as possible to safety, mostly in South Sudan.

So far we managed to evacuate over 300 people.

The evacuation efforts are always extremely expensive. Having one truck take 100 people from Khartoum to a safe town accross the border with South Sudan costs approximately $4,000. The costs of supporting the people still in Khartoum, as well as those who already crossed the border to South Sudan, but are still waiting with hundreds of thousands of other refugees, are also very expensive and prices are sky rocketing. This means that the success of our mission depends much on your support - the willingness of so many followers and supporters to help and give what they can, sums up to the funds allowing us to keep on saving lives.

We are continuing our evacuation mission, while in parallel caring for the people who have already crossed the border to South Sudan and are now waiting there within an evolving humanitarian crisis.

While the local service providers are raising their prices, we are touched by the dozens of people from the community supported by us and from adjescent communities, who are willing to help us and help others, even at the risk of their own lives. We have not once been asked to pay for such help, even when it entailed great danger to the helpers. We are also moved by the help offered by our supporters - whether by donating, by volunteering to help with fundraising efforts and by sharing this story and our posts on social media. We would not have been able to do this without your amazing support!

The campaign is managed by Become R.A., a volunteers based NGO, registered in Israel, which cares for vulnerable children and youth in developing countries. Our flagship project - Come True - supports the education of over 250 students, most of them South Sudanese children who once sought asylum with their families in Israel, from kindergarten to university.

Some of the children evacuated throughout this mission will join the Come True project where they will be able to get quality education and to build themselves a future.

Donations to Become in ILS are tax deductible in Israel, donations in USD are tax deductible in US, donations in Euro are tax deductible in some of the EU countries and donations in GBP are tax deductible in England.

To read more about the evacuation mission from Sudan, please visit our website:

To learn more about Come True please follow us on Facebook:

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