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Control room to eliminate poisoned misinformation

The war caught us all off guard, even online. A massive vacuum of information has been created, which has been filled with lies and propaganda disseminated by hostile actors with a variety of motivations, both domestic and international, to the point of endangering the nation's security. That's where we come in

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Campaign by: The Civil Center for Digital Protection (R.A) (580753176)
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The war caught Israel off guard, both in the physical world and the digital realm. Since its outbreak, a vast expanse has been inundated with falsehoods and toxicity disseminated by nefarious stakeholders with conflicting interests, both domestically and abroad, posing a significant threat to national security.


This is where we come into play.

Our mission is to fight this onslaught by successfully countering thousands of false narratives, aiding those affected by recent events, and preventing an inside escalation threat and potential outbreak of 'Shomar Homot 2'; We have expanded our organization to confront the pressing web challenges of this war. We have assembled three teams of experts and volunteers working tirelessly around the clock to curtail the spread of misinformation. Up to this point, we have rectified and removed thousands of deceptive stories, reaching millions of individuals, working toward fostering a safer global online environment.

Now, we need your support to triumph on the web front and prevent an unnecessary escalation.

It's straightforward - we must prevail in the web arena. The absence of accurate information cultivates fear, confusion, and angry among people, creating an ideal opportunity for our adversaries to exploit. Malicious stakeholders seize this chance to disseminate falsehoods and promote hatred, manipulate the discourse, and misguide the public perception for their malevolent aims.


The surge in fear and animosity within Israel and globally poses a collective threat. It’s fracturing Israeli society from within, inflicting pain on families who’ve lost loved ones to abduction or violence, and misguiding policymakers in dire need of trustworthy information.


Additionally, as per security experts we collaborate with, the widespread distribution of violent and harmful content creates an extra internal peril that we have inadvertently cultivated. Presently, we witness efforts by both Arabs and Jews to organize for mutual harm.


Hence, at the outset of this conflict, we outlined three primary objectives for our mission:

  1. To prevent the deterioration of internal security posed by extremist factions orchestrating online.

  2. To eliminate and prevent the dissemination of fake content and violence across digital channels, minimizing harm to the public by removing as many misleading and harmful materials as feasible.

  3. To safeguard individuals who face online attacks and the exposure of their personal information by eradicating as many violent and deceptive elements as possible from social networks.


To address each of these objectives, we’ve established three distinct ‘Hamal’ (War Room) teams:

Hamal Defenders:

  • Composed of dedicated volunteers and experts, this team tirelessly combats falsehoods around the clock and ensures that falsehoods do not harm us. They identify, verify, and disseminate information to networks and media. We’ve emerged as the most reliable source for content credibility assessment, surpassing even renowned outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others

Combating Violent Organization:

  • Operating around the clock, this dedicated volunteer team vigilantly monitors online extremist groups with the intent to harm innocent citizens. Their seamless collaboration with security forces, hospitals, and regional councils has effectively prevented real-world attacks.

Digital Dome:

  • The Digital Dome, established as a central hub for the tech community, has been launched to enhance our ecosystem and reach. With a single click, users can report violent content on various networks, and thanks to the support of numerous volunteers and advanced technological tools, we successfully remove thousands of harmful content pieces from multiple platforms.


How can you contribute:

To maintain the seamless operation of this complex system, we depend on the dedication of a substantial number of volunteers and a sophisticated operational structure. This encompasses the rigorous daily task of sifting through a multitude of challenging content to ensure its removal from the web, tireless efforts from technical teams to establish digital defenses, logistical support, activity coordination both in Israel and abroad, financial management, and more. Your generous donations play a pivotal role in enabling us to expand and fortify our initiatives during this critical time of war, and they are deeply appreciated. 


Every contribution has the potential to propel us closer to a safer online environment while championing information equity and transparency. Your support strengthens our mission.


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