Kibbutz Holit has been destroyed! With your help, we will rebuild it.

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Your contribution will help us and make you partners in assisting orphans, the wounded in body and soul, in rebuilding homes, in reviving livelihoods, and in the tremendous recovery that will come after the great crisis.

By צבי סאפר
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Kibbutz Holit has been devastated! With your help we will rebuild it.


Holit is an extraordinary community of 186 women and men whose values of love of country, Zionism, and mutual responsibility (Arvut Hadadit) are their primary motivators.

It takes a special kind of courage to live and raise children close to the Gaza border and the Egyptian border. On the morning of Simchat Torah, October 7, 2023, the community of Holit lost 15 of its pillars, who were murdered, six more were injured.

Currently, the Holit community is hosted by Kibbutz Ein Gedi until mid-2024. Holit will then split between Kibbutz Revivim and Beer Yaakov. We're facing two years of wandering and temporary housing, without stability, without a place to call home, until we can return home.

The rebuilding of the community begins today and looks ahead to the medium and long term. The leadership and the community are engrossed by grief, bereavement, orphanhood, and loss of life and property. Nonetheless, their gaze is fixed on the horizon. The work plan is divided into two main dimensions: strengthening the community and the resilience of its individuals and building the kibbutz itself for the reabsorption of old and new residents.

While most immediate needs for physical and mental sustenance are met, we are concerned about the community's resilience and our ability to raise the resources needed to manage the kibbutz's ongoing expenses and prepare it for our return.
Most of the kibbutz's infrastructure was harshly damaged. The kibbutz's economy relied on the agricultural branches of dairy, field crops, orchards, and poultry, which have been shut down for weeks, taking a huge financial blow. In addition, a significant portion of the kibbutz members are self-employed (small and micro businesses) who have completely lost their ability to earn a living.
All kibbutz members lost their property and were left without personal equipment. The risk to economic stability is growing.
Another challenge is the need for the daily existence of the kibbutz members, which is similar to a living allowance.
An initial estimate is that the average monthly cost required for the existence of the residents is approximately NIS 3 million per month for the 186 residents. This estimate may change as the situation becomes more apparent.
We need your help strengthening and rebuilding the Holit community to rebuild Kibutz.
Your donation will-
Provide direct assistance to families, 
Rescue small businesses and their owners from economic ruin 
Ensure the operation of the kibbutz's infrastructure, preparing it for our return home.
Donate to Holit today and build the future with us.

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For donations:


Credit card: Through this page.


Bank direct transfer: Association for the development and rehabilitation of Kibbut Holit, israel discount bank, Branch no. 517, Account no. 0204831859
IBAN: IL690115170000204831859


Material donations, volunteer help, ect.: Through contact info. On this page.



Yoav Buki, community manager - +972-546734306

Shir Bashari - +972-526362533

Shir Azulai - +972-547917692

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