Kibbutz Holit has been destroyed! With your help, we will rebuild it.

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Your contribution will help us and make you partners in assisting orphans, the wounded in body and soul, in rebuilding homes, in reviving livelihoods, and in the tremendous recovery that will come after the great crisis.

By צבי סאפר
For The IsraelGives Foundation
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Kibbutz Holit has been devastated! With your help we will rebuild it.


On Saturday morning, October 7th, despicable terrorists launched a brutal attack on the state of Israel, an attack the likes of which we have never seen before. One of the countless stories of horror and bravery from that fateful day is the story of our kibbutz - Holit.


Holit, our beloved and beautiful home, situated at the front line of the assault, no more than a couple of miles from the Gaza border, has suffered a gruesome blow. But we are here to rebuild our home, stronger and more radiant than ever.


The members of our kibbutz have shown great bravery and courage in defending our home, but the aftermath of that battle marks the beginning of a new one. The battle of our lives.


13  of our friends have been mercilessly murdered. Precious men and women whom we will forever cherish in our hearts. They left behind grieving children, spouses, parents, and friends. We are obliged to do everything in our power to support these families as they recover from this terrible loss and help them lead a normal life once again.


In addition to the emotional damage, this attack has resulted in grave material ruin. Our houses and cars have been looted and burned, some by rockets, others by gunfire and some were set on fire by those dreadful terrorists.


Our farms and fields are devastated as well, and the ongoing war makes it impossible for us to return to our farms, setting us on a downward spiral financially as these farms serve as our main source of income. They too shall be rebuilt, much like every other piece of our life that was destroyed.


But for that to happen, we need your help. Our kibbutz is a veteran of many battles and has always risen from the ashes. However, the magnitude of destruction that we face today is greater than anything we have ever seen before, and we cannot power through this without your help.


Now more than ever, it is clear, that the mission of populating every part of our country holds incredible national importance. That is our triumph, and that is our message to those who seek to destroy us: We are here, and we here to stay.


Your gracious donations have a direct effect by allowing us to support our community's orphans, aid our injured, reconstruct our homes and revitalize our farms and fields.


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For donations:


Credit card: Through this page.


Bank direct transfer: Kibbutz Holit, Bank Leumi, Branch no. 921, Account no. 37480059
IBAN: 930109210000037480059IL


Material donations, volunteer help, ect.: Through contact info. On this page.



Elise Stern, Business Manager - +972-543377451

Shir Bashari - +972-526362533

Shir Azulai - +972-547917692

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