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Hezbollah is attempting to devastate Israel’s northern communities, and our civil security squads are tirelessly working to prevent further destruction. We urgently need to equip these brave responders with essential Protective Personal Equipment (PPE), firefighting gear, and community preparation and mitigation workshops. This support will help protect over 100 rural and isolated frontline communities.

By Israel Emergency Aid
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Help us achieve our goal of $2,500,000 USD in June and July






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Our Efforts So Far

Civil Squads of Israel and Operation Fire Support partnered in April and May to provide workshops to Israel’s frontline civil squads in wildfire prevention, suppression and mitigation. We visited over 20 civil squads and enabled more than 350 participants. We saw first-hand the lack of adequate equipment. Click Here To See

The Current Crisis

Over the last three weeks, but particularly over the last 48 hours Hezbollah has been conducting wildfire terrorism against Israel in order to force us out of our homes. They are taking advantage of the tinderbox conditions that turn their rocket and drone attacks into extreme and disastrous wildfires, threatening entire communities, homes, agriculture, livestock and lives. It is less talked about that Israel’s previous winter was particularly wet, resulting in extraordinarily large undergrowth. In addition, summer has already begun with the hottest April on record in 85 years.

Finally, our whole northern front has been evacuated from up to 5 km from the border with Syria and Lebanon. This means that all homes and public spaces in our communities have been neglected and become overgrown over the last 8-months, since October 7th. Even the smallest airborne embers can ignite and destroy entire communities.

See just one example of how tonight’s rocket-ignited wildfires have already reached homes in Kiryat Shmona. This wildfire was ignited purposefully by Hezbollah rockets. You can see the tree-top embers being blown towards the rest of the community and onto dry, twig-laden rooftops: Click Here To See

Why We Need Your Help

The misconception that wildfires are solely fought by authorities is dangerous. With hundreds of spot-fire locations and an insufficient number of firefighting crews, our local civil squads are the first responders. However, they lack the necessary equipment to fight these fires safely and effectively.

List of Equipment to Purchase

STIHL BR 7004, WildLand Water BackPack, Fire Rake, Utility Gloves Flame Resistant, Fire proof Jacket, Fire Proof pants, Bushfire Helmet/w visor, WildLand Fire Goggles


Israel Emergency Aid | by IsraelGives - ABOUT US

Israel Emergency Aid is a rapid response project formed at the onset of the current war with Hamas, that is dedicated to providing immediate assistance to soldiers and civilians affected by the war.  Our mission is to collect funds to swiftly fulfill specific requests from soldiers on the front lines with Gaza and civilians in need of immediate aid. This project operates under the auspices of IsraelGives, a reputable nonprofit organization that has supported over 50,000 charitable causes since its inception in 2009.

Israel Emergency Aid is being organized  by a group of experienced executives, tech leaders, and law firm partners who recognized the urgent need to support soldiers lacking life saving tactical and protective gear. Why we opened this project because:

  • There are still pockets of need for various aid forms, from helmets to medical equipment. The needs are changing from hour to hour, so to ask "What do you need?" is an answer that becomes out of date soon after.
  • Some people want to give and need a body compliant with tax regulations (in the US - 501c3).
  • We guarantee that your donation goes directly to relevant needs in Israel. We prioritize soldiers in need but give any excess funds to other conditions (medical/emotional support, etc.).


If you have any questions, please get in touch with:

Alon Tirer- Co-Founder and Manager of Efrat Residence Fund | Linkedin | Ben Hizak- COO, Cherre | LinkedIn | Joeri Kreisberg - Attorney, Partner at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy | Linkedin


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