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Support Israel by donating for soldiers and families in these tough times

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By Hitech4Israel
For The IsraelGives Foundation
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Entrepreneurs, citizens, and tech enthusiasts alongside the IDF and victims of terrorism,

Hitech4Israel was established by entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to participate in the effort and provide assistance to the IDF. Our goal at Hitech4Israel is to gather general equipment, military gear, and funding that can be used for the benefit of the troops in the field.

Thanks to our entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, Hitech4Israel operates strongly, much like a startup company, as only we Israelis know. In just two days, teams and team leaders, each in their field of expertise, have gathered equipment and funds that are already starting to reach the soldiers. We come to you today because we believe in the strength and connections of Hitech4Israel and our ability to collect equipment, funds, and fulfill needs quickly and efficiently.

Through connections with over 200 military and civilian centers, we stand in service of the state and its citizens to provide the necessary equipment and assistance in the most efficient way possible.

Donations for:

  1. Support efforts to locate missing civilians at the Nova Festival and address the needs of their families.
  2. Collection and purchase of food and supplies for Israeli soldiers and border communities in the South/North.
  3. Direct financial services and assistance in cash to vulnerable families, children, and needy elderly.

*We value every monetary donation (from small to large) that is directed directly to immediate needs in the field to well-known and reputable organizations.

Equipment Shipment to IDF Units: Over 20,000 equipment items were supplied to the field.
And over 140 units and battalions received assistance.

Locating the Missing: Over 35 missing individuals were found alive.

Publicity and Distribution: Over 50 influencers assisted in spreading the initiative.

Volunteers and Supporters: Over 200 volunteers joined the initiative.

Tech Companies and Supporters: Over 22 tech companies joined in providing assistance.

We have raised over ₪596,538.

Locating the Missing: Locations were gathered for 300 missing individuals.

Publicity and Distribution: We were featured on FOX NEWS and Geektime.

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