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I haven't been so impressed with any other group since I heard Gabriel Genesis for the first time. If there is an album that deserves 5 stars without any doubt [it] is Hybris, the first chapter of the short but brilliant saga of Änglagård.

     - Prog Archives, reviewing Änglagård's first masterpiece album, to be performed in its entirety on stage


Welcome to the crowdfunding campaign dedicated to the orchestration of an Änglagård concert in Israel

TL;DR: a once-in-a-lifetime live show by the only band in progressive rock whose albums have all been awarded "album of the year" honors. This is a voluntary initiative by the progressive rock community in Israel and an experience not to be missed. After reaching our go/no go goal of 40k ILS, the show is on and the band is coming to Israel! Ticket sales, related merchandise, and other perks can be purchased exclusively on this page.

To order tickets, scroll down to the list of perks and select the desired ticket type.



Hi! I am Shachar Tal, married + 3, living in Zichron Ya'akov, a high-tech entrepreneur, progressive rock lover, one of the managers of the "Progistan " forum on Facebook, and one who doesn't give up easily :)

Why am I here? For almost 10 years, since the last Änglagård album, I've been looking for a way to bring the band over to Israel. Änglagård has a small but super-high-quality fan community, and the cost of producing such a show is not that high. When crowdfunding sites started popping up - I was convinced that this was the way, but producers in Israel - until today - did not agree with me. There was an attempt in the past to bring "All Traps on Earth", Johan (Änglagård base player)'s band, through a dear Israeli start-up that was dealing precisely with the niche of crowdfunding music shows, but the project sold less than the minimum number of tickets, and the show did not happen. Along the way, Johan and I connected, and when I heard a few months ago that Änglagård was regrouping for the first album's 30th-anniversary tour, I managed to convince Johan and the band to opt for crowdfunding, and here we are.

What have we done so far in terms of production? Up until now we have been working on recruiting a professional production team (an amazing team led by Kumeran Sahar), signing an agreement with the band, budgeting the project, booking a date and booking a location with acoustics worthy of such a show, and now is the right time to start the campaign and hope that this time, together, we will make it happen.

Also important to note is that this entire project was done by me fully pro bono, and purely for the benefit of the prog community in Israel. I won't see one shekel from the proceeds, and if there is any budget surplus - it will be transferred to the production team which is currently working without pay and does not expect any profits from the project.

And since I've already mentioned the production team, then a huge shout-out is definitely due to all the excellent professionals and the amazing people in "Progistan" who got involved in this project, everyone who donated time, work, talent, and in general to those who support - thank you very much!!

Yalla Änglagård!


About the show:

The event will take place on Monday, September 11, 2023, at Gray Tel Aviv, 30 Ibn Gvirol ("London Ministore", minus 1 floor). Please note: the maximum number of seats in the venue is 330, so it is advisable to reserve a ticket early.

7 pm - doors open, seating, kitchen open for orders

9 pm - show start

Opening act: Subterranean Masquerade, playing a unique, progressive setlist unique to this show!

Main show duration: 2 hours (!!), including Änglagård's first album played in its entirety and other surprises.

Meet & Greet - at the end of the show. More details to come.

The master class was canceled due to low demand. MC ticket holders - please check your email and choose one of the (attractive) options!


The performing line-up:

Staffan Lindroth - Keyboards

Jonas Engdegård - Electric and acoustic guitars

Mattias Olsson - Drums and Percussion

Johan Brand - Bass & Bass pedals

Oskar Forsberg - Flutes and Saxophone, Keyboard


Production: Kumeran Sahar

Poster design and video editing: Yael Ben-Dor

The event page on Facebook


Media links:

Band interview - Metalist Magazine, 25.7.2023

Interview with Shachar Tal and Omer Fishbein - Shehrezade, KZ Radio 22.7.2023


More questions and answers:


I'm there! How do you order a ticket or any other type of merch?

Please scroll to the list of perks, choose the desired perk, and continue to pay.

Please note that there are quite a few perks, but due to the website's limitations, it is not possible to order several perks together. For those who want to purchase several tickets - this can be done in several rounds, each time ordering a different ticket (with the exception of a regular entrance ticket which can be ordered in pairs at a reduced price, in a designated perk)


I have contributed! Where is my ticket? How do I get in at the venue or collect the merch?

All donors receive an email, in Hebrew, which looks like this. "מספר פעולה לצרכי זיהוי" (or: action number for identification) is your ticket, or your receipt for collecting whichever perks you ordered: merch, Meet & Greet, etc. 

If you donated several times for several perks - you received several emails with different ID numbers. Bring them all to the show.


Is it possible to donate regardless of what I ordered? 

Yes, and it would be much appreciated!! For those who are able - any amount can be donated. Every shekel will help and bring us closer to the goal.


I really want to donate in addition to the ticket, but I don't have much financial means. Is there anything I can do?

Definitely, and even no less important than purchasing a ticket. In short: don't come alone. Bring people. Spread the word to your friends that the show is happening, share the event on Facebook, drag your siblings/ offspring/ parents/ bestie/ your weird uncle with the long hair to a show they won't forget for a long time.


Can you explain a little about the meetings & merch? It seems that there are other things and events besides the show.

Yes! There is a Meet & Greet session, a master class for musicians, and quite a few special items and merch. 

The meeting will be held after the performance, in the venue.

The merch is exclusive to the show and can be ordered here on this page only. At the show, there will be a distribution stand for those who ordered posters or shirts, and after the concert, all other items will be distributed (picks, drumsticks, set lists, and drum skins that will be used by the band at the show).

The posters will be personally signed by the band and the design is by our one and only Yael Ben-Dor. Size: half sheet, 50x70 cm. The poster will be protected in a hard cardboard tube so that you don't accidentally crush it at the concert, and it would look like this:

The T-shirts' design is a surprise! You will find out on the day of the performance :) All T-shirts are 100% quality combed cotton. You can choose men's/women's cuts, sizes toddler-XXL. Color is already predetermined and not selectable. In case of no selection of cut/size - the default is men's large.

Please note that both the posters and T-shirts would not be available to order after August 26th, nor could T-shirt sizes be selected after this date.

And in addition - many rare and super-attractive offers for 1 on 1 sessions with the awesome musicians from the show!

* The master class was canceled due to low demand. MC ticket holders - please check your email and choose one of the (attractive) options!


I'm not familiar with the band but I see how enthusiastic are those who do like it. I want to know more about them, listen to some material and may decide to come. Where do I begin?

First thing first: drop everything, put on headphones, and click here. This is the first track from the first album (which will be played in full at the show).


Links to reviews on the Prog Archives website:

The first album, Hybris

The second album, Epilog

The third album, Viljans Öga

The solo album of Johan Brand, one of the founders of the band - A Drop of Light


So how do you pronounce the band's name? Angla-Guard?

Almost. More like Angla-Gord. Here is a video of Jonas, Änglagård guitar player, demonstrating correct pronunciation.


I have other questions! How can I contact you?

We answer all inquiries through our Facebook event page, link here. General questions should preferably be sent as posts on the page so that everyone can see the answers. Private questions can be sent to me, Shachar, in DM (I appear as a host on the event page).


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