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VOICES: Amplifying Social Change Leaders in Israel

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This campaign was created by: Yahel -Israel Service Learning (580542934)
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About the campaign

We're thrilled to share that we have surpassed our fundraising goal! Because we have reached our goal a day before the end of the campaign, we're using Giving Tuesday as a BONUS ROUND! Reaching $45,000 will enable us to expand our work with community partners in Haifa as part of our Fellowship and our Berkeley and Onward Summer programs.

Yahel was founded in 2009 to train, support, and inspire individuals and organizations to take part in responsible and sustainable volunteering in Israel alongside local community members. Through a wide range of service-learning opportunities, Yahel equips young people from around the world with the tools and skills to take initiative and become life-long leaders of social change.

Yahel is developing in multiple realms and we need your support to help us grow.

♦ We are expanding our service-learning programming for young adults and college students

♦ We are growing our one-off meaningful volunteer experiences offered to teen and student programs

♦ We are building a robust alumni network through several new initiatives

♦ We are tirelessly extending our impact in the three cities and communities we call home. 

We are proud to illuminate the work of our local partners who host us and learn with us by featuring them in our annual campaign! Our partners are grassroots activists across Israel with whom we have the honor to collaborate to create a positive social impact. Our partners are integral to our success and vital to the learning of our volunteers.

VOICES: Illuminating grassroots change in Israel

There are so many incredible people in Israel who work at the local level to bring about real, lasting, and crucial change. These voices are not always heard beyond the boundaries of their geographic areas. We are proud to collaborate with these change-makers through this campaign to amplify their work. 

Join us from now until Giving Tuesday to learn about individuals who envision a different and better future for their communities and for all of Israel. We will be sharing stories, images, videos, and quotes on all Yahel social media and platforms. Do not miss this unique opportunity to support Yahel and share it with your friends!  

Please make a donation today to help us grow our impact!


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