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Please Help The Terror Victims of Kibbutz Sufa

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Kibbutz Sufa in Israel underwent a horrific massacre in the early morning hours of October 7th, 2023. Now, they need your help.

By Kibbutz Sufa
For The IsraelGives Foundation
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The story of Kibbutz Sufa - Kibbutz Sufa is one of dozens of kibbutzim that were infiltrated by over a thousand murderous hamas terrorists last Saturday.
On Saturday morning at 6:30, dozens of terrorists infiltrated the kibbutz and went on a killing and terror spree, moving from house to house, with the goal of killing, wounding, or kidnapping anyone in their path.
The residents of the kibbutz were locked up in their safe rooms for many hours, while terrorists were outside shooting and breaking into their homes. The terrorists destroyed the public space, burned, and vandalized homes in an attempt to get people outside their safe room so they can kill them.
The residents of the kibbutz experienced many difficult hours of helplessness and fear of death when they were locked in their safe room begging for help, and hearing gunshots and screams. The communication between the members was carried out through the kibbutz media, residents reported the presence of terrorists and shooting inside their homes and beg for rescue, during those dreadful hours they could not tell what the condition of the people closest to them was. some were cut off from contact in the first moments of the attack. They stayed in that room without access to water, food, or toilet. The residents guard squad, made up of kibbutz members, fought valiantly alone against dozens of terrorists and protected the kibbutz residents with their life. The results of the attack:
The terrorists did a devastating damage to the contents of homes, property, and community buildings. The entire kibbutz was evacuated by order of the army, with minimal clothing and basic equipment. There is no foreseeable return date, and it is going to take a herculean effort to build the kibbutz back. To our great regret, in the murderous attack of the terrorists, three kibbutz members were murdered. A few final words,
We are going through difficult days.
We understand that we will face a long and challenging rehabilitation process - physical, communal, and mental.
The process will take a long time, but we believe in the strength and social resilience of the community to recover, we believe in the power of mutual guarantee that characterizes our country to help us be proud again in our beloved Kibbutz – Sufa. hurt, love, and miss.
Members of the Sufa community We appreciate your help in raising funds to support the immediate community needs and in our rehabilitation. Help us restore our amazing community! More details about our beautiful kibbutz. Sufa was established in 1977 in the Yamit area, in 1982 following the peace agreements with Egypt Kibbutz Sufa was moved to a new permanent location in the Eshkol Regional Council and only about two kilometers from the southern border of the Gaza Strip. Over the years, on the side of the complex security tensions, the residents managed to create an infrastructure for farmwork and agriculture alongside a life of education and a thriving Zionist community which determined the character of the Sufa community. Since the establishment of the kibbutz, the community has faced constant security tensions and difficult times, including security incidents, which include rocket fire on the kibbutz, terrorist infiltration attempts, direct fire on the kibbutz houses and damage to lives and property that affected life in the kibbutz.
Recently, Kibbutz Sufa community began a new growth process. This is a small and special community that wants to live their life peacefully, develop, build and grow new roots based on resilience, belonging, communalism and Zionism in the challenging southern region of the Negev.

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For further inquiries and assistance, Alon Madar +972-52-857-7978

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