Looking the occupation in the eye

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“Looking the Occupation in the Eye” We are a group of dedicated activists, operating on voluntarily basis.You may find us out on the streets,at junctions and on major bridges. Additionaly we can be found on all the accepted social media channels.We ask the Israeli public to look the occupation in the eyes and not bury their head in the sand. We have already accomplished a great deal and will continue to bring the brutal reality of the occupation to the Israeli public. All our activities are done in our private time, and paid for out of our own pockets. We need your help in order to continue this vital project.

Campaign by: Looking the Occupation in the eye
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 We are a group of Israeli citizens concerned with human rights, resisting

occupation and hoping for a better future of our country.

 The majority of us participate in various humanitarian activities in the Occupied

Territories, trying to minimize the assault of Palestinians, protect their human

rights, freedom and dignity as much as possible

 We believe that recognition of the humanitarian disaster that the occupation

imposes, and that the injustice and discriminations are war crimes and must cross

any political views and opinions, and should not be attributed to a specific party. It

is a comprehensive struggle of human rights, morals, justice and sanity

 While constantly aspiring for peace process or agreement to end occupation, one

way or another, at this point in time we interpret it as a given situation, and look

straight into the occupation eye to and look straight into the occupations eyes

Our aim:

 Our voice is clear: bring the occupation agenda back to the public dispute and


 We aim to raise broader public awareness of the reality in the Occupied

Territories through the eyes of activists on the ground, rather than through the

distorting lenses and soft filters of the mainstream media.

 Raising public awareness is a difficult process that infiltrates slowly and gradually.

The Israeli society must undergo this process and realize it has to stop identifying

as a military occupying force. Rather, it should aspire to a political resolution that

allows Palestinians to live their lives, earn their living, and raise their children, free

of terror and abuse caused by the hostile environment of occupation.

 We are asking Israelis to look the occupation in the eyes, and see where this road

is taking all of us. We are asking to stop turning away, look bravely into the harsh

reality and acknowledge that Israel is committing war crimes, as considered by

international law, against the Palestinian people. The damage to the Israeli society

for maintaining the occupation is huge: economically, moral and ethics

deterioration, spiraling violence, scarred and traumatized soldiers

Our activities:

 Our guideline is that we are the voice of the Palestinians who cannot protest and

express their tragedy. All our activities, whether inside Israel or in the Occupied

Territories, are always coordinated with our Palestinian friends and we respect

their opinions on every matter.

 We are out there! Not just activism in the Occupied Territories but also in the core

of the Israeli society: on September 2021 we founded a weekly 24h protest tent in

the center of Tel-Aviv, where we host activities focusing on human rights and in

the Occupied Territories. The tent facilitates such dialogue through public video

screening, lectures, encounters with artists and activists, all engaging visitors and

creating real street interactions.

 We have built active, responsive and dynamic social media sites, which became

alternative media channels to broadcast the authentic true stories, images and

videos of occupation, those that will not be found in the mainstream media

channels. As the growing number of followers so is the support and need of our

audience to learn more and to join our protest. Obviously we receive a lot of hateful

messages as well. You are encouraged to look us up on Facebook, Twitter and


 On December 2021 we went out to protest on major bridges and traffic junctions

all over Israel. We are there with big signs against the crimes of occupation and

thriving terror attacks on Palestinians and human rights activists. The bridges

project gains momentum each week, currently we operate 20 bridges.

 Since January 2022 we stand every Friday morning in a quite solidarity protest in

the Occupied Territories. The idea is to protest on behalf of the Palestinians who

are not allowed to do it. The specific location is chosen according to the week’s

events, usually at a friction point. It’s impossible to ignore our group of people and

big signs, translated also to Arabic, and the feedback from the Palestinians

bypassers are heartwarming. We also get a lot of hate attacks from the settlers,

sometimes violence, (no worry, there is always a police team watching and

protecting us).

 On February 2022 we sent out a letter in the name of our group “Looking the

Occupation in the Eye” to the international community, namely: Jewish

organizations, Diplomats, Congressmen, and even the President of United States.

The letter reflects the severe situation in the Occupied Territories, as captured by

us, a group of activists in site, calling for help to apply international pressure on the

Israeli government, to stop violating human rights in the Occupied territories and

go back to negotiations process to end occupation. During this period of

formulating the letter, we had the privilege to be guided, supported and advised by

former ambassadors of Israel: Alon Liel and Ilan Baruch. The letter was signed by

200 Israeli citizens and activists, including former ambassadors, former Israeli

Attorney General Michael Ben-Yair, leading senior academic faculty and recipients

of prizes and former senior army officers.

 On March 2022 we sent our first periodic newsletter to all the recipients of the

letter, hoping to start developing a platform for future collaborations in order to act

towards ending the occupation.

 In addition to our own initiations and activities we are also collaborating with other

peace and human rights organizations, encouraging our group members to

participate in all activities.



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