Achi Association doesn't falter during challenging times!

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In previous military operations and especially in the current operation - Swords of Iron, Achi's service girls continue to make a difference in 17 municipalities throughout the country. They tailor their efforts to their community’s needs

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About Achy Association

Established in 1987, Achy Association is dedicated to promoting educational equality among underprivileged communities while also fostering a deeper Jewish-Israeli dialogue. The organization believes that a connection to tradition is key to the continuity of the Jewish people. Over the span of 37 years, Achy has championed four core objectives: identity, independence, partnership, and equality.


Today, Achy's impact is extremely significant and tangible, as 100 high school graduates, all young women, participate in national service as part of the organization. These dedicated young women serve in 50 middle and high schools across 17 municipalities, spanning from Acre to Eilat.


Operation “Swords of Iron


Achi Association doesn't falter during challenging times!


In previous military operations and especially in the current operation - Swords of Iron, Achi's service girls continue to make a difference in 17 municipalities throughout the country.  They tailor their efforts to their community’s needs, which include:


  1. Food Centers:  Achy service girls Establishing food centers that collect and distribute food and supplies to residents and soldiers in Israel's southern and central regions.


  1. Supporting the Lonely: Visiting lonely residents affected by mobilization, including the elderly, Holocaust survivors, and others.


  1. Helping Families: Assisting women whose husbands were drafted into the army with household tasks, shopping, children's activity, and mental support.


  1. Community Activities: organizing activities for children to bolster their spirits, impart values ​​, and comfort their mothers.


  1. Funeral Support: assisting with funerals and offering comfort to mourners, preparing food for bereaved families, hanging obituaries, and more.


  1. Hospital Visits: Visiting war-wounded individuals and children in hospitals, offering activities and distributing food.


  1. Shelter Programs: Conducting activities in shelters for children and families focused on heritage, values, and Zionism.


  1. Cultural Activities: organizing joint prayers and making of Chala bread with students, encouraging unity in the community.


  1. Online Learning: conducting online heritage and Zionism to encourage via zoom, to promote volunteerism among youth.


  1. Housing Assistance: Assisting residents from the Gaza envelope in finding new accommodations and providing support.


  1. Youth Meetings: organizing evening gatherings for the youth to discuss the situation, recruit for volunteers and enhance mental resilience.


  1. Local Collaborations: collaborating with the various local authorities.


Achy operates with a group of 200 volunteers, including Achy graduates, seminary girls, and yeshiva members, who supports our over 100 active service girls.


Your support is vital for the valuable efforts of Achy service girls. Your contribution, regardless of its size, will have a significant impact on fortifying and strengthening the mental resilience of Israeli men, women, children and youth. This will help ensure that those dedicated civilians supporting our brave soldiers in mind and heart, remain in high spirits.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support of the Israeli nation and it’s people.



For your convenience, please see below more information about Achy’s activity in the day-to-day routine:


In the morning, Achy service girls are actively engaged in three main areas:

1.     School Atmosphere: our dedicated service girls initiate social projects, enabling school students to connect with significant dates in the Jewish calendar. . They inspire students to volunteer for meaningful projects, and participate in the school social fabric.


2.     Jewish-Israeli identity: Achy service girls lead informal projects and develop formal study materials related to Jewish identity. This materials are used to educate approximately 15,000 students weekly in middle and high schools.


3.     Academic reinforcement: Integrating into the academic assistance system, Achy service girls motivate students to learn and instill in them the confidence to embark on their path to success.

In the afternoons and evenings, Achy service girls volunteer in their local neighborhoods and the high schools they serve.  Their efforts extend to municipal youth units, welfare programs, and informal community centers, where they nurture leadership skills among the youth.

Please visit the Achy website :

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