Building an Alternative of Hope

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Support the fight for a real democracy that keeps human rights and gives rights to refugees


This campaign was created by: ASSAF - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (580474955)
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Approximately 33,000 refugees and asylum seekers from Africa live in Israel with their children. About 35,000 war refugees from Ukraine still live in Israel. They fled the horrors of war and persecution in their countries of origin - and in Israel the authorities abuse them and deny them status and rights for years. ASSAF was established 15 years ago and is a human rights organization in Israel that works to centralize aid to refugees. Alongside the direct support for refugees through psychosocial aid and youth club activities, we also fight in the public arena for recognition, rights and a dignified life for refugees in Israel.

Today, when extremist politicians play key roles in the government, the risks of harming the most basic rights of the refugees and harming human rights organizations operating in Israel are more real than ever. We do not hesitate and we continue to act both in the public arena and in providing direct support and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. With your help, we can continue to work for the refugee community in Israel and demand a real democracy that preserves human rights and gives rights to refugees.
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ASSAF wishes to thank from the bottom of our hearts all of the talented artists and creators who donated their time and talents, especially Tomer Hyman and the Hyman Brothers Film team. 
Director: Tomer Heymann
Cinematography & sound : Oriel Pe’er
Editor: Maor Keshet
Original Music: Or Solomon
Title Design: Amir Reuveni
Studio: Nelli Guy, The Green Room
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