Help build a Jewish dayschool in Africa

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Help the Jewish community of Putti, Uganda finish building their school

This campaign was created by: ארי קוחר

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Long story short: The Jewish community of Putti, Uganda is seeking financial assistance to complete the construction of their school.
Hi, my name is Ari. Last year, we raised money with family and friends to contribute to the construction of this school in Putti, Uganda. As you can see in the video, the progress has been remarkable. Now we can work together to help them finish the project.
Here is a message directly from the Putti community leader, Rabbi Enosh Mina:

״Putti is a small village in Eastern Uganda, home to a Jewish community that has faced adversity for over a century. During the regime of Idi Amin, Jewish practice was banned, and many of our people were forced to convert to escape persecution. Only in the late 1980s did Jewish life revive.

In 2013, we established the Jonathan Netanyahu Memorial School to introduce a Jewish curriculum, which is not part of the national education system. Thanks to generous individuals and families, we have made significant progress in constructing the school. However, we still need help with vital phases such as furniture, supplies, water catchment, and solar energy installation.

The water catchment program is crucial for our agricultural farms and domestic use. We aim to grow nutrient-rich vegetables for our students, improving their health and well-being.
Our community faces poverty due to historical circumstances. Denied education, our parents and grandparents struggled, and their hardship affects the performance of our students.
We need solar electricity to support evening programs, and we believe in your generosity to help us install it.

Your support is pivotal for the continuation of our general and Jewish educational programs. We strive to develop critical thinking, creativity, and moral courage in our students, blending general studies with Jewish teachings. Together, we can build a strong Jewish community in Uganda, nurturing future leaders who embody Jewish values.
Your support means the world to us. Please consider donating to our school and making a lasting impact.״

Here is a full breakdown of the assistance needed:
(All costs are in $USD)
  • Furniture - $1,578
  • Water catchment - $1,789
  • Solar installation - $2,147
  • School Supplies - $3,888
  • Sliders and swings (for kindergarten) - $2,198
Grand Total = $11,600 USD
More information on the Putti Abayudaya community:
I first learned about this community from my uncle Menachem Kuchar, who is a photographer and researcher. He chronicled their journey and published it in a book, which you can read here. The community went through an Orthodox conversion by Rabbi Shlom Riskin, Rabbi of Efrat, and his Beit Din.
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