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Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the creation of a documentary film and media portal

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Campaign by: Igal Margulis
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Playhouse Cinema film company embarks on the production of a feature-length documentary 'Simchat Torah War,' based on the tragic events that began on October 7, 2023, in Israel. The film is targeted towards an international audience for festival screenings, theatrical releases, and streaming platforms.

Concurrently, a media project is launched with the aim of portraying an authentic image of Israel. This project is tailored for a broad internet audience.

Documentary film

The Simchat Torah War is a documentary film depicting how the war that commenced on October 7, 2023, unfolded through the lives of Israelis. The film is being shot in the midst of the events to serve as a chronicle of the era upon its release in a few years. It narrates the story of this war not only through military news briefs and expert interviews but also through a myriad of unfolding human dramas across time.

At the heart of the story are the fates of several families from entirely different layers of Israel's diverse society. Victims of a dreadful massacre, hostages, heroes who defended their loved ones from terrorists, soldiers and officers fighting in Gaza, volunteers aiding refugees from the South and the North, entrepreneurs striving to survive, young women with children whose husbands, reservists, went to war, secular and religious, left-wing and right-wing, Jews and Arabs - all of them are members of Israeli families depicted in the film. They are all at the epicenter of the unfolding tragedy. All of them desire Israel's victory over Hamas and pay their price for it.

Media project

The online media project consists of short documentary episodes, each dedicated to a specific period in the history of Israel and Jewish communities. It will feature archival materials, including rare photographs, interviews with historians, and representatives of Jewish communities worldwide.

The portal will also offer articles, interactive maps, and podcasts designed for a broad online audience.

Special attention is given to the 'Debunking Myths' section, where myths spread by Arab propaganda will be demonstrated and debunked. This project aims to narrate the contributions of Jewish communities to history and culture while providing access to information for a wide audience.

Project budget:

Making a documentary film - 700,000 euros

Creating a media portal - 10,000 euros

Shooting videos for a media portal - 100,000 euros (50 videos)

Marketing budget to promote the project - 100,000 euros for 10 months.


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