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Please Help The Terror Victims of Moshav Mivtahim

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Moshav Mivtahim in Israel underwent a horrific terrow attack in the early morning hours of October 7th, 2023. Now, they need your help.

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By Moshav Mivtahim
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Moshav Mivtahim is an extraordinary moshav, as all its residents will testify. The oldest Moshav in the Eshkol Regional Council has managed to maintain a thriving community life, fostering a sense of mutual support, appreciation, and respect among its members.


Moshav Mivtahim is not just a community; it is a family. However, on October 7, 2023, at 6:30 in the morning, when the siren was activated and a barrage of rockets was fired at us, we had no idea that the Mivtahim family would end the day in deep mourning, bowing their heads in memory of four dear residents. These individuals came from long-established families that have been pillars of the community, and they lost what was most precious to them. On that fateful morning, a piece of the heart was torn from the entire community.


On the morning of what we call the 'Black Shabbat', four members of the moshav's standby squad, including the late Rabbi Dan Assulin, were confronted by a sudden crisis. Due to a prior wave of break-ins into the council's settlements, the state had collected most of the weapons from the standby units, leaving them with only three M16 rifles and one pistol. While the internal network of the standby members was buzzing, they soon realized that at the entrance Tzohar, a town nearby, a terrorist unit was mercilessly attacking passers-by. This was a nightmarish scenario that had never crossed our minds.


The members of the security squad arrived at the intersection and fiercely battled the terrorists. During the confrontation, they tragically discovered that two young men from the moshav, the late Dor Nahum (lower left in the photo) and the late Han Ben Avi (lower right in the photo), were ruthlessly murdered by gunfire. This horrifying incident occurred after they had managed to escape from the massacre at the "Nova" party in Moshav Re'im. These young men simply wanted to enjoy themselves and celebrate, with their whole lives ahead of them, but their joy was abruptly cut short by an act of profound hatred and pure evil.


During the battle, the members of the security squad were called to defend the moshav due to the fear of terrorists infiltrating. The respectful spirit of the community and the love among its members were once again woven into the story of heroism. The members of the security squad feared for the lives of the worshipers in the synagogue and rushed back to the moshav, where they encountered about 20 armed Hamas terrorists attempting to enter the homes of the moshav.


The security squad members fought with courage and valor against the terrorists, managing to neutralize a significant number of them. Unfortunately, the number of terrorists exceeded the size of the standby squad, resulting in the deaths of two of the squad members, including Dan Assolin, the Rabbi of Mivtahim (top right in the photo), and Tal Maman (top left in the picture). Three members of the standby squad from the nearby Moshav - Yesha, who joined the fight to protect Mivtahim, also lost their lives.


Thanks to their bravery, the members of the security squad saved many residents of Mivtahim and the entire Tzohar block. It is because of them that we are here today, and the Movtahim family mourns and deeply feels the loss of these brave individuals.


We ask for your help in restoring our moshav, and through our prayers, we hope that it will once again become a safe haven for all its inhabitants.




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