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Maglan Friends Foundation - Emergency Equipment Fundraising

Maglan Friends Foundation - Emergency Equipment Fundraising

Campaign by: Maglan Friends Foundation (580415248)
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Maglan Friends Association- Emergency Fundraising 

“Your generosity will sustain us in our battle.”

Now, when people are asking how best to help Israel, here is an official way to contribute directly to Maglan,
a special forces elite commando unit of the IDF established to operate behind enemy lines.

The reservists of Maglan are highly trained and ready to act both in the war and in support of the aftermath of its atrocities.
Since the beginning of the war, they have been fighting and working bravely around the clock,
putting their knowledge, training, and
experience to use so that Israel can emerge successfully with as few casualties as possible.

Where will the funds go to?

Maglan now faces an urgent need for additional essential equipment that will protect them and enable them to be at their best in this time of need.
Established by senior Maglan reservists who have cleared all the hurdles for donations,
the Maglan Friends
Association Emergency Equipment Fund will support these soldiers with
safety equipment and clothing, food, and medical care now and after this challenging time.

All Donations are tax-deductible in Israel, the US and UK, Canada, Australia, and France.
To ensure your donations go directly to Maglan, you must write in the comment section (or copy and paste) MY DONATION SHOULD GO ONLY TO MAGLAN.

Confirmation: Once your donation is made, you will receive an email confirmation with all the info.
If you didn`t get an email, kindly send a confirmation to Eitan Fono +972-50-4641234 (WhatsApp) or Email
We will email you the confirmation Number for tax refund purposes.

On behalf of the entire Maglan community and the State of Israel,
Thank you for your invaluable support and commitment to the safety of our fighters!



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