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Judy Elbaum's Seasonal Delights Cookbook Fundraiser to Benefit Leket Israel

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April 17, 2024 Update from Judy: We thank all of our amazing and generous donors for helping us reach our goal so quickly.  We know we have other supporters and friends of Leket who would like to contribute, so we are keeping the campaign open, and we will continue to cover the costs of the printing and handling of all books so that 100% of the proceeds go directly to Leket.


About the Campaign:

Please stand with me in supporting Leket Israel, the premier food bank and food rescue organization in Israel. Together we can support Leket’s mission to provide hundreds of thousands of meals to evacuees and displaced families. One hundred percent of the proceeds generated by the sale of my Seasonal Delights cookbook will go directly to supporting Leket Israel's outstanding work

Thank you for your support.

Am Yisrael Chai!   

- Judy Elbaum,

For a minimum donation of $36 to Leket Israel, you will receive a Seasonal Delights cookbook.

Ways to Donate:

  • Online via Credit Card: Click the blue "Donate Now" button on the top of this page
  • Check: Made payable to "American Friends of Leket Israel" and sent to American Friends of Leket Israel, PO Box 2090, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Please write in the memo "Judy Elbaum Cookbook"
  • Donor Advised Fund, Wire, Stocks, Crypto, or Mutual Funds: Contact Elena at or (201) 331-0070 x2.


Beyond Food Rescue: Leket Israel’s Response to the Ongoing War:

In response to the ongoing conflict in Israel, Leket has swiftly launched three emergency relief programs in the South, working hand in hand with local non-profit organizations to address the pressing needs of those at risk:

  • Meals for Homebound Individuals and Seniors: Leket will purchase 320,000 desperately needed cooked meals, priced at $6.25 per meal.
  • Essential Supplies For Families: Leket will purchase essential supplies, including food, diapers, infant formula, and more from local stores. This initiative not only supports struggling families in the South, but also keeps local businesses afloat. 
  • Financial Support for Families and Individuals: Leket will be distributing debit cards pre-loaded with $65 each to individuals facing the ongoing challenges of this crisis, especially those who have lost their income or struggle to access aid. 

Leket's dedicated staff and volunteers are mobilizing to travel to the South, working closely with the IDF and security forces to ensure the safe and effective implementation of these relief programs.

About Leket Israel:

In normal times, Leket Israel rescues 70,000,000 lbs. of fresh, surplus produce and cooked meat meals (that would otherwise be needlessly wasted) for redistribution to 234,000 Israelis in need each week, including Holocaust survivors, families living below the poverty line, struggling immigrants, at-risk youth, and other vulnerable populations. The food is distributed free of charge to Leket Israel’s 265 nonprofit partners. During the ongoing crisis, Leket Israel is currently providing critical emergency relief and focusing on: meals for homebound individuals and seniors, food and essential supplies for displaced families, financial support for evacuees, and assisting farmers in harvesting their crops.  You can learn more about Leket here:

American Friends of Leket Israel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. P.O. Box 2090, Teaneck, NJ 07666 ● ● ● (201) 331-0070 x2 ● Tax ID #: 20-8202424
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