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Campaign by: The Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin (580520104)
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When the summons came, they went out to fight, leaving everything behind, but when after many difficult days in intense battles they return home, nobody will be waiting.
There will be no loving embrace from their parents, no comforting family meal.
The lone soldiers need us by their side, and we will not let them be on their own.

Our call for emergency donations is meant to give an immediate response to the lone soldiers in active duty, during brief leave, and in the long run. We are their family, and this is our joint responsibility.

In the past 14 years, we have supported thousands of newly enlisted, actively serving, and discharged soldiers by providing a warm community – bringing to life the dream of Michael Levin z”l who was killed by sniper fire in the village of Aita al-Shaab, aged only 21.

Even at this time of fighting, insecurity, and unbearable grief, the Lone Soldier Center and our hundreds of volunteers are determined to provide round-the-clock support to all lone soldiers, new immigrants, and soldiers without families.

📌 We have opened up our branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Beer Sheba to all lone soldiers – our houses are shelters where they can eat, sleep, and of course, share and connect with our volunteers.
📌 We have established a situation room, bringing together professionals to provide physical, technical, and emotional support to all lone soldiers, including social workers, psychologists, lawyers, medical doctors, and more, available to answer every need.
📌 We have opened a communication channel for parents of lone soldiers living abroad to provide connection and some security to those parents living overseas.
📌 We have aided in collecting necessary equipment for lone soldiers – hundreds of garments, toiletries, bedding, mattresses, and more.
📌 Our community of cooks has provided hundreds of hot meals for IDF soldiers on the front lines.
📌 We have collected and transported thousands of fresh food items which will enable soldiers to prepare fresh meals on site.
📌 We have connected tens of host families with soldiers and families in need of hosting.
📌 Our representatives have attended every lone soldier funeral to see them off on their final journey.

We have launched an emergency donation drive to enable our continued support of lone soldiers – both during this war and looking ahead.


📌 Basic equipment for reservists and soldiers on the lines – bags, orthopedic army boots, socks, towels, toiletries, and more
📌 Thermals – coats, shirts, trousers, and socks for ca. 300 fighters on the front lines
📌 24/7 human response to their professional, technical, and emotional needs from our situation room
📌 Aid in rent payments for reservists who are forced to miss work


📌 Long-term therapy for 100 soldiers returning from battle in a variety of languages and according to every soldier’s needs
📌 Living expenses grants for 200 soldiers, for the fighters to find their feet after the war
📌 Support, rehabilitation, and aid for the wounded
📌 Professional support and guidance in realizing their rights, as well as any other professional help, provided by our specialists – lawyers, social workers, medical doctors, financial advisors, and more, in addition to a mental support system
📌 Establishing an emergency fund from which we will give personalized grants to soldiers in need

Select your donation sum, and together we will embrace the lone soldiers who are protecting us. Thank you from the bottom of our 💗

Michael made Aliyah from Philadelphia in 2004 to enlist in the Paratroopers Brigade. His dream was to create a center which would provide a warm home and community to lone soldiers just like him – a place to pass the time, share meals, and enjoy the supportive sense of family he was missing so much.

On 1 August 2006, he was killed and laid to rest in the military cemetery on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem.

When Michael fell, the Lone Soldier Center was established by his stand-in father Tziki Aud together with his family and friends. Eventually, Drorit Nitzani and her companions from the ultra-Orthodox community and youth at risk created a program for lone soldiers without family support.


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