BROTHERS IN YOGA Healing programs for October 7th Survivors

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By Brothers in Yoga
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Until October 7th, Brothers & sisters in Yoga offered healing programs for veterans with PTSD.

Today we offer programs for everyone, from families- kids & adults, the Nova party survivors and soldiers. We are here to give a healing space, with the right tools, combining yoga practices (breathing, relaxation, nutriotion, meditation) with the power of community and a long-term journies.

Our community are dedicating the work of the association these days to the memory of Ben Uri, who was murdered on October 7 in Re'im.
Even in his last moments he photographed himself as a message for us, practicing meditation, breathing and being presence, Ben was observing what was happening in peace.
Ben was a dedicated volunteer for the BIY community, and wanted the program to be accessible to anyone dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Now, more than ever before, we have the tools to help and you have the opportunity to support us, in the group process for a month that we are hosting for different groups and cause. That includes:
1. 3-day retreat with accommodation in a safe place in nature
2. A continuation of practice and sharing meetings in Zoom, providing the acquisition of tools for daily use to relieve stress and anxiety, create balance and peace.
3. A concluding 1 day retreat that enables the participants to rejuvenate and continue on the healing process with the tools they have recieved.

Brothers in Yoga is offering the program for families displaced from the Gaza-strip area, for the survivors of the party from October 7th and later for others who are dealing with PTSD.

The association established also a support for Israel society through:
1. Practicing in a virtual room with Zoom classes throughout the day, every day, every hour!

2. Teaching yoga at bases across the country for the warriors themselves.

The program guidance team includes Yoga teachers trained on -trauma-Sensitive-Yoga, a team of therapists with clinical background and other volunteers.

More details about our mission and activity - on the website:

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