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Equida - Aid for Horses and Donkeys in Israel

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Equida is providing essential aid, feed, medicine and veterinary care to horses and donkeys impacted by the war in Israel.

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By Shirley Ferber
For The IsraelGives Foundation
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Israel is in a state of War, and our Equine society is in need of your help and donations

Since October 7th 2023, the welfare of many horses and donkeys has been directly impacted; many were displaced from their homes and facilities and relocated due to the evacuation of many areas near the borders, some injured and traumatized by the constant bombardment and attacks against Israel.

Many horse owners lost their homes, trainers and service providers have been enlisted, and many professional ranchers and riding schools are unable to continue their activities and therefore fund the cost of feed, medicine and essential care.

Equida is a national organization promoting equine science, education and equine welfare in Israel, founded and directed by Shirley Ferber, an equine nutritionist.

Our organization has relocated many of these animals with the help of volunteers to host farms in safer areas, but we are still in need of your help and support in funding the cost of feeding these hundreds of displaced animals and providing essential care and medicine.

All donations will be directly used to pay for food, medicine, and veterinary care.


Your support and donations mean the world to hundreds of innocent horses, donkeys and mules impacted by the war and their loving owners and families facing these terrible times.


For more information about our work at Equida please visit our website and follow us on social media.

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