Equality under the Law

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All residents of a democratic state must be treated equally

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"Israeli society no longer has to choose between ends - it needs an Israeli center and state to lead it.
We call on everyone who recognizes Israel as a strong and secure Jewish state, a democratic state and does not hold racist positions, to take part.
We call on voters who want a government to be formed here, who want stability, to give us their trust.
We call on everyone for whom Israel is precious, to join and put Israel first. "

Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White Party, 10/07/2022

Mr. Ganz\'s position is very timely and concise, one that we fully support. In this spirit, we feel that the time has come to shed light on the continuing and ongoing violation of the values ​​of a democratic state that has been exercised on some members of our community, namely the refusal of the Israeli government to grant citizenship to those members who were. Born here, never served in the IDF, and they have American citizenship unless they give up that citizenship! So do those who were not born here and those who were born here and have no children, but it has a broader impact on those who were born and have children.

"Dual citizenship is widely accepted in Israel. About 10% of the country\'s population has dual citizenship. The Israeli Government, the Knesset, has never tried to fully restrict dual citizenship."  https://www.dualcitizenshipreport.org/dual-citizenship/israel/

There are those, such as my children, who were born in Israel, have American citizenship through their parents, but who have never even been to America, and who now have children of their own, and who, because the parents have never lived in America, can only receive American citizenship by going to America with either of their grandparents and living in America for a period of time. This is not happening, which means these children are in essence "stateless", that is, they are not citizens of any country!

So, why don\'t the parents just renounce their American citizenship? There\'s this to consider: 

"Fee: Immediately prior to taking the oath of renunciation, you must pay the non-refundable fee of US $2,350 for administrative processing of a request for a Certificate of Loss of Nationality. The fee is not waivable, nor is it refundable if your request for a Certificate of Loss of Nationality is denied." https://common.usembassy.gov/en/renounce-citizenship/

And there is no guarantee that the request to renounce will be granted! 

There has to be a program established to deal with the reality of this situation; even if the parent is granted Israeli citizenship, will that transfer to the children as well? It doesn\'t if the parent receives citizenship by way of a child serving in the IDF, so probably not. This does not reflect the country that Mr. Gantz says he wants to see but speaks to there being obvious discrimination in the application of Israeli justice.

The Interior Ministry has refused to address the issue, therefore, we are turning to the legal system to bring the situation before the courts and to do that we need your help, as legal proceedings tend to be expensive. We are asking that you contribute whatever you can to help us bring an end to these injustices, so that our children can enjoy growing-up in Israel as citizens of the only homeland they have known!

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