ASSAF - 15 Years of Fighting for Refugee Rights in Israel

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Support the Fight for Recognition, Rights, and a Dignified life for Refugees in Israel


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This campaign was created by: ASSAF - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (580474955)
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About the campaign

ASSAF was established 15 years ago and is now the leading human rights organization in Israel that works to centralize aid to refugees. Alongside the direct support for refugees through psychosocial aid and youth club activities, we also fight in the public arena for recognition, rights and a dignified life for refugees in Israel.

We have accomplished several significant and important achievements during the past 15 years:

Providing direct psychosocial support and assistance to thousands of refugees, prevention of deportation in 2018, the fight against the incarceration in the Holot detention facility, repeal of the deposit law that stole a fifth of refugees salaries and comparing the status of refugee children who are at risk to any other child at risk. In addition, ASSAF also worked to make certain welfare services accessible to refugees with disabilities, the homeless and survivors of violence, the opening of domestic violence centers for refugees and their families and a quota for dedicated social workers for refugees and other non-resident people. Also, providing rent assistance to refugee survivors of domestic violence, canceling the segregation in the education system in Eilat, Kiryat Malachi, and Petah Tikva and more.

We still have a long way to go and many struggles are still ahead of us as we fight for refugees in Israel to live here with dignity. The State of Israel does not recognize them as refugees and does not grant them economic and social rights they deserve. These days we face complex challenges: the refugee crisis from Ukraine, the eradication of poverty and distress of the refugee community and the expansion of the welfare services provided to them, the continuation of the fight against segregation in schools in Tel Aviv, the abolition of the procedure limiting the employment of refugees in 17 cities.

With your support we can continue to raise the voice of the refugee community and fight for their rights. 

Join us and support us! Any donation received will be doubled by generous donors.

We thank the creators of the video:

Orit Binderman-Peer, script and direction

Ido Karni, photographer and editor

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