Donate an olive tree to a Palestinian farmer!

Donate an olive tree to a Palestinian farmer!


During the fall 2017 olive harvest, 5,582 Palestinian olive trees were damaged, chopped down, or destroyed — twice the amount as in 2016.

Olive tree owned by Palestinian farmer from Deir al Hatib discovered poisoned by settlement sewage run-off 

Furthermore, after a pattern of decline over the last few years, extremist settler violence aimed against Palestinian farmers also increased. According to the United Nations body OCHA, 156 incidents in the fall of 2017 resulted in Palestinian casualties or damage to Palestinian property.  In contrast, there was a total of 107 such  incidents in all of 2016. Rabbis for Human Rights itself documented 28 incidents of violence, harassment or unjust expulsion of Palestinian farmers by extremist Israelis. Unfortunately, these crimes by ideologically driven extremist settlers almost always go unpunished, resulting in an "Wild West" atmosphere of impunity for Jewish extremists in the West Bank.

YOU CAN HELP RESTORE JUSTICE: Join us & take a stand against these wrongs! Donate an olive sapling — a beautiful symbol of peace, justice, and goodwill — to a Palestinian farmer and help that family for generations to come. Your donation will show another face of Judaism to our Palestinian friends,  one that honors the Image of God in ALL people, and seeks to guarantee every Palestinian man and woman the right to earn a livelihood free of fear, violence, intimidation, and theft.

Each tree costs $10. You cover that fee, and we'll cover the rest required to get it to the farmers. All donated trees will be given to Palestinian farmers in Area C of the West Bank whose lands are in danger of take-over from nearby settlements or outposts, or have suffered extremist settler violence or tree/agricultural destruction in the past. Some of the trees will donated during a special Tu B'Shevat planting event when RHR staff and volunteers, side by side with Palestinian farmers and locals, will put the trees together in the ground. 

Spread hope, and help restore a bit of justice in very a real and tangible way— donate one, five, twenty or more beautiful olive trees today!

"...thy children shall be like olive plants round thy table." -Psalm 128:3

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