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Contribution Headquarters of the Israeli Film & TV Industry

Contribution Headquarters of the Israeli Film & TV Industry

The Israeli Film and Tv Industry supports the survivors from Hamas attack and the IDF troops.
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Dear Supporter,


I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits, even though the circumstances that prompt us to reach out are far from cheerful.


On the morning of October 7th, 2023, Israel awoke to a devastating and ferocious terror attack that left hundreds of civilians and soldiers brutally killed. The atrocities committed included the burning alive, torture, rape, and murder of women, children, and elderly individuals, even incinerating entire families within the confines of their homes. Dozens of others were kidnapped to the Gaza strip, their well-being shrouded in uncertainty.


In times like these, we find ourselves with no other option but to set aside our daily lives and unite in a collective endeavor. Our mission is clear to support the brave members of the IDF, our sons and daughters, who have been thrust into war, and to ensure the safety and longevity of the Israeli people and our cherished homeland, the true home of the Jewish people.


Among those who have rallied to this cause are volunteers from the Israeli film and television industry: Producers, cinematographers, art professionals, gaffers, sound engineers, editors, and stage crews—individuals from all walks of our creative community that have joined forces to assist in any way they can.


Now, we call upon our business partners, colleagues, and friends across borders, asking you to stand with us as we strive to aid those in dire need. Your cooperation, efforts, and donations are invaluable and will greatly assist us in addressing the challenges we face on the field.

Your contribution has the power to make a meaningful difference, not only for our brothers and sisters in uniform, but also for the evacuees who have been displaced from their homes in Southern and Northern Israel. We appeal to you for your generosity and kindness during these difficult times.


If you are willing to make a donation, or wish to seek further information on how you can assist our war effort, please contact us!


Thank you for considering our call to action and for your potential support in our shared pursuit of a safer and more secure Israel.


With heartfelt regards,

Dganit Barashi And Ori Sedlinsky 


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