Soccer for Peace San Marino 2018


Soccer for Peace 

A joint project of UPF and WFWP with European partners
Soccer – the most popular game in the world, can create a natural environment to for bringing conflicting societies together. Children can find an immediate common ground bridging over the cultural divide. As the joy of the game lifts it's participants up, they can see each other as members on one great universal family beyond ethnicity, religion, nationality or race.

Create a joint Arab-Jewish soccer team, consisting of sixteen 13-year-old kids, and invite them for a life changing visit in a European city. Through interaction with kids of their age from the hosting city as well as meeting with professional soccer players, they are able to develop deep friendships with one another.

San Marino project 2018- This time for girls!!!
This time our partners are school from Gdeda Maker and Kfar Galim.
16 young girls will take part in this project and they are only 13:) 

Estimated costs are 20,000 Euro including flights, accommodations,
transportation and food. 

We highly appreciate any help of you to support their dream, to build a good society that value good education  and creating a communities of loving peace families. 

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