I COEXIST! Tabeetha School's Museum of Coexistence opening soon!

With your help we will raise $45,000 to enable students from different backgrounds and religions to experience COEXISTENCE through Tabeetha’s Museum of Coexistence.

Your gift will enable preparation of pre and post-visit learning materials, workshops and transportation. It will assist in providing a set of skills for children, aged 7-18, to be able to live and work together with everyone in this troubled Middle East. 

Coexist with us! Cross boundaries through your donation and make a change!

 $15 =1 child/pupil 

$30 =2 children/pupils

$45 =3 children/pupil s

Our goal is to annually bring 3000 children to the Museum of Coexistence aiming to inspire them to be ambassadors of COEXISTENCE in their own communities.  

Every gift will make a huge impact. 

Tabeetha School in Jaffa is a Non Profit Charity breaking down walls between people of different cultures and religions. Since its beginning (1863) Tabeetha has been a model of coexistence. 154 years later, Tabeetha is still this model.

Visit our website to find more  www.tabeethaschool.org

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