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8,600 Jews were forcibly removed from their homes in Gush Katif. Gush Katif was home to a vibrant, productive and dynamic community with homes, businesses and agricultural enterprises.
Yet, in one day, unemployment soared from 3% to 85%.
Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon  launched JobKatif shortly after, to help the evacuees re­integrate into the work place. After ten years of intensive individualized work JobKatif has helped return  88% to the workforce.
But the mission is not yet complete.
Our goal for 2015 is to further reduce the unemployment rate, and create programs where Gush Katif evacuees can once again contribute to Israeli society.
Ten years have passed.
We can complete the mission.
Your help will make all the difference.


רות נאימרק

Donated ₪1000 to on 02/09/2015

מייקל ואמנדה קמבל

Donated ₪1000 to on 21/07/2015

Benjamin Friedman

Donated $180 to on 22/07/2015 and Wrote Kol hakavod lachem

Michael Mirsky

Donated ₪180 to on 15/08/2015


Donated $180 to on 17/07/2015

Avie Rock

Donated $180 to on 31/07/2015 and Wrote Keep up the good work! From PJC in Baltimore

Stephen Herman

Donated $100 to on 20/07/2015 and Wrote Happy to lend a helping hand. Hope your hardship is soon rewarded with a favorable and quick solution.

Gary Strauchler

Donated $100 to on 28/07/2015

Darren Schneider

Donated $100 to on 10/07/2015

Ira Friedman

Donated $54 to on 03/08/2015 and Wrote Chazak V'amatz from Baltimore!

Joseph Kolakowski

Donated $36 to on 05/07/2015 and Wrote with a heart filled with love for every Jew - Rabbi Joe Kolakowski

Reuven Nathanson

Donated $36 to on 22/07/2015

Ira yitchok Friedman

Donated $36 to on 07/08/2015

Rina Lipsky

Donated $31.45 to on 02/07/2015 and Wrote hi, I'm go to bais yaakov of baltimore wich recently just had a is real fair. my topic was Gush Katif, so me and my partners decided to raise money for the prier citznes of Gush Katif. we raised a total of $31.45. we know the money will go to a noble

Robert Z. Brody

Donated $18 to on 17/07/2015

Sarede Switzer

Donated $18 to on 30/07/2015


Donated to on 31/07/2015 and Wrote This is not help. Am Yisrael is not helpless. Our people need a hand up; not a hand out. Put your hand in your wallet and let your heart do the rest. Move your factory there, make jobs and let industrious G-Kers make you happy you did.

Morris Bernstein

Donated to on 05/08/2015

Samuel Herzfeld

Donated to on 13/07/2015


Donated to on 19/08/2015


Donated to on 21/08/2015


Donated to on 22/07/2015


Donated to on 14/07/2015


Donated to on 18/07/2015


Donated to on 27/07/2015

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