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Love Support Providing immediate relief for the surviving families of the October 7 attack

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By Community Synagogue of Rye
For The IsraelGives Foundation
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On Saturday, October 7th, thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, slaughtering entire families and burning down their homes and entire possessions. The surviving families, who endured the most gut-wrenching atrocities, now bear the burden of evacuation and require urgent financial assistance.


Welfare agencies are struggling to cope with the sheer magnitude of this catastrophe. While they, along with other organizations, provide one-time grants or aim to support rehabilitation efforts, these survivors urgently need financial support for their most basic needs, allowing them to use the funds at their discretion. 

 What do we do?

At Love Support, we provide the most vulnerable of those families with monthly support for three months - to enable them a sense of continuity and security. With your generous help, we will support each family with a $1,500 monthly allowance, for the next three months, or a $1,000 monthly allowance for a household of a single / couple.

This initiative is temporary, with no long-term aspirations. LOVE SUPPORT is entirely voluntary and incurs zero overhead costs. Our sole objective is to offer direct, immediate relief to each surviving family, allowing them to use the funds at their discretion.


Support a Commuinity 

With your help an entire community can receive immidiate relief.

Here is a liat of the summs required to support an entire community

Sufa – 75 households – $337,500 

Holit – 53 households – $238,500

Kfar Aza – 340 households – $1,530,000

Mivtachim – 95 households – $427,500

Magen – 120 households – $540,000

Nir Yizhak – 260 households – $1,170,000 

Ein HaShlosha – 150 households – $675,000

Ein Habsor – 350 households – $1,575,000 

Nir Oz – 90 households – $135,000

Kissufim – 80 households – $360,000

Re’im – 160 households – $720,000


How does it work?

We are directly connected to the surviving families through the community managers of each of the dozens of affected communities in proximity to the Gaza border. Together, we map eligible families and identify a single contact per household. The allocation of funds is carried out using a technological infrastructure provided by LOVE SUPPORT to ensure funds are directly deposited into the families' bank accounts.


Your donation is tax-deductible in Israel, the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and all EU member states.


Each supported household is eligible to receive up to $4,500 for a family with children, or up to $3,000 for a household of single/couple ($1,500 and $1,000 per month for three months, respectively). Together, we can offer these families a measure of financial stability and emotional support amidst the chaos they are enduring.


"Whoever saves a single life, it is as if he or she has saved the whole world."

Who are we?

A team of experienced leaders in the social and business fields, dedicated to addressing the most urgent need surfacing at this moment.


Dan Ariely - Internationally acclaimed researcher, professor of behavioral economics and best-selling author.

Adi Altschuler - Founder of "Krembo Wings" a movement for youths with and without special needs; Founder of "Zikaron Basalon," an alternative gathering on Holocaust Memorial Day. Founder and CEO of "Inclu" - Israel's Inclusive Schools and Kindergartens.

Eytan Stibbe - Israeli former fighter pilot, businessman and a crew member of the Ax-1 first commercial astronaut crew to the International Space Station.

Guy Sharon - Entrepreneur, international businessman, and activist in diverse philanthropic initiatives

Yardenne Assa - Co-Founder and CEO of Unboxable 

Nurit Shevi - Serial tech entrepreneur and CPA

Ofri Arbel - Creative Director and director of Israeli Civil Public Diplomacy

Libby Tishler - Creative Content Creator and Strategy Expert 

Sheer Kantor - Social activist and operation coordinator at ‘Inclu’

Roi Tzikorel (Ziko) - Co-founder and ex-chief of impact at Masterschool

Shir Marom - Investor at Schusterman Family Investments

Maya Orlicky - Head of Israel, Revolut

Yuval Samet - Co-Founder and CEO of RiseUp

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