Matthew's Mitzvah Fundraiser!

As I work towards my Bar Mitzvah, I am looking to raise money to help Israeli children who are less fortunate than me play my favorite sport - soccer!

About the Campaign

I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old.  As I prepare for my Bar Mitzvah in April, I've been reflecting on my past.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have met and worked with great players, coaches and trainers and have taken for granted the uniforms and equipment I've had over the years.


As part of becoming a Bar Mitzvah, I want to give back to the Jewish community.  Since soccer has been a big and important part of my life, I want to help others have similar experiences.


This fundraising project is designed to raise money to help Israeli children who are less fortunate than me discover and enjoy this great sport.  Without proper equipment such as soccer balls, cones and nets, these children can't learn the game.  Without uniforms, they can't feel the same camaraderie I do when I'm with my team.


With your help, we can give these less fortunate kids in Israel a chance to experience being part of a team and playing the game I love the most.

My Goal $2500
I Raised: $2253
From 41 donors
Help me reach my goal by March 31, 2016
All donations are tax-deductible in Israel
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