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Please consider a donation to The Lone Soldier center to help immigrant soldiers adjust to their new life in Israel. This project provides these soldiers with vital support.

About the Campaign

I picked this organization to support because I believe in preserving the Jewish state of Israel for everyone in the present and future to enjoy. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is the state of Israel's military force. The Israeli government obligates citizens over the age of 18 to serve in the IDF and although this brings in many soldiers, the Israeli army always needs more help. That's where the overseas volunteers come in, they are another source of support for the army. These soldiers from abroad are called 'lone soldiers'. This organization helps to fill the many needs of the lone soldiers and get them through the difficulties that the army presents. The Lone Soldier Center is the first and only organization solely dedicated to meeting all of the physical and social needs of this group.


When lone soldiers come to Israel to serve, they leave their family and community behind. Unlike Israeli soldiers in the IDF, who regularly return to their homes and receive support from their families, lone soldiers often have no one to look out for them and to provide regular comfort and assistance. The Lone Soldier Center aims to be the family for lone soldiers before, during and outside of the army and even after their service. The Center also hosts social and educational events each month such as Friday night dinners at the historic Jerusalem Great Synagogue, seminars, art shows, yoga and nights on the town with friends. These events allow lone soldiers to connect with other people just like them.


Your donation also helps to fill other needs such as food, equipment and clothing for use both on and off of the army base.


Additionally, the Lone Soldier Center's work may help to encourage other overseas supporters to help out the army, even though they don't have direct family in Israel.


In summary - your donation provides foreign soldiers with a strong foundation for a life in Israel. We should support these soldiers in any way we can because they help to defend and protect one of the world's most historical countries, that is also important to so many different people today. Thank you for considering a donation to this cause.

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