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One out of every five families, one out of every four people, one out of every three children in Israel lives beneath the poverty line! These disadvantaged families and children all have needs that we can fill by distributing food and clothing, granting emergency loans, paying utility bills and even providing emotional counseling and support. At Karmey Chesed, we do our utmost to help every needy and suffering family! 

Karmey Chesed was founded in 2004 as a not-for-profit association. It is staffed by volunteers and supported almost exclusively by donations. These donations enable us to not only assist families and help them reach financial stability, but also lead them out of the poverty cycle and guide parents and adult children to enter the workforce. To date, the Association has assisted over 1,000 families.

Last summer, Karmey Chesed supported the campaign on behalf of the Hasdai family after the father Ofir was tragically murdered in the Azrieli mall parking lot in the city of Ramle. Ofir left behind his wife Dikla who suffers from muscular dystrophy and is partially paralyzed and three daughters with special needs—9-year-old twin girls, one with cerebral palsy who is confined to a wheelchair, and another 9-month-old daughter also with muscular dystrophy. Until his death, Ofir dedicated himself fully to his family, filling all their needs. A sum of 1,240,830 NIS was raised for the family following the emergency campaign launched on their behalf.

We are reaching out to you for your support, so we don’t have to choose which family to help. With your assistance, we can help them all!

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