Land Where Women Heal is here lets help her - thrive!

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637 supporters donating ₪36,356 every month

Land Where Women Heal is here lets help her - thrive!

637 of 4,200
₪36,356 monthly
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637 supporters donating ₪36,356 every month
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AMEN - Land Where Women Heal:

A healing community for women suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of sexual violence

One of every six women has suffered prolonged sexual violence during childhood. 84,000 women in Israel experience sexual violence each year. One of every five women in Israel has been raped- at this moment in Israel 90,000 women suffer from suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts following sexual violence. Hundreds of thousands of women suffer from symptoms of post trauma, depression, eating disorders, dissociative disorders and more.
We invite you to join us so that every woman receives all the support that she needs.
Your monthly donation will enable us to save lives.
In Israel there is currently no treatment properly suited for those brave women who struggle day and night to go on living in the shadow of the assault.
With no suitable treatment, too many women take their own lives each month.
AMEN's vision is a rehabilitative village, home to a healing community that provides a supporting envelope so that the crisis can lead to life and to healing. In the shadow of the Coronavirus crisis – which exacerbated the distress of many of those who have been hurt – AMEN opened its doors in a phase-1 campus, in the week before Passover. Now in the Home there are a dozen women coping with post-trauma who have chosen to embark upon a process of healing: some as residents and some who come in for the daily activities. The campus is operated by a fixed staff together with a large team of volunteers. There is already a long waiting list of women seeking to be received into the Home. Thus we are working with all our might to expand our physical capacity so as to double the number of residents.
Your donation will enable the continued existence of AMEN - Land Where Women Heal
Your donation will enable expanding AMEN and extending the number of residents
Your donation will enable training of caregivers in a trauma informed approach
Your donation will help one more woman to receive care and support
Your donation will help one more woman to stay alive
Together we can guarantee that those who have experienced the worst will have a safe and suitable place to heal.
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Land Where Women Heal

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