AMEN- Land Where Women Heal

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1,774 supporters donating ₪100,023 every month

AMEN- Land Where Women Heal

1,774 of 4,000
giving ₪100,023 a month
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₪100,023 monthly
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1,774 supporters donating ₪100,023 every month
Land Where Women Heal has to stay open to provide women survivors of sexual violence a residential program and a safe environment to heal from PSTD
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AMEN- Land Where Woman Heal is a center for feminine healing, celebration and leadership.At the heart of LWWH lies a healing community for survivors of sexual violence.-  a unique residential program with a groundbreaking approach to treating Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Our vision

The way we see it, a land where women heal is needed in every country. It is an educational eco village where we can come to heal the wounds of the past, remember what we know, and dream and discover the next culture- a culture of compassion and nurture that is safe for men, women, children and the environment.


The Problem 

One in six women has suffered prolonged sexual violence in childhood and many more experience sexual violence every year. Sexual violence is the leading cause of CPTSD, often leading to suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

Existing solutions, such as hospitalization, are unsuitable, often causing retraumatization through use of physical restraints, hospitalization alongside sex offenders and a general lack of trauma informed care. Most victims are never provided the conditions they need to heal. Instead, many take their own lives.  


Our Solution- Our Model

The AMEN healing community provides professional, trauma informed care, using a woman-centered, feminist and holistic approach. Our dedicated team of skilled clinical social workers, counselors and volunteers, provide women with comprehensive support 24/7 and help them learn how to manage symptoms  such as suicidal thoughts and behaviours, self harm, eating and sleeping disorders and dissosiative episodes- (all of which could be life threatening). Women come to understand that these are all normal human responses to the extreme violence they have endured. They learn to turn pain to power, vulnerability to leadership, shame to resilience, and aloneness into solidarity and community.  


How it all Began

Marva Zohar- the founder and CEO of the LWWH came to this mission through lived experience. As a sexual vioelnce survivor, Marva learned first hand how urgently women need a place like AMEN. After losing thirteen friends to suicide, Marva vowed to do everything in her power to make their dream and legacy a reality. 

Our Journey- What we’ve achieved so far

Our first fundraising effort became Israel\'s most successful crowdfunding campaign to date. It raised awareness and gave us the seed money to begin. Our pilot community in Kiryat Tivon opened In the spring of 2020, rushed ahead of schedule due to the Covid crisis. We hired and trained our staff and volunteers with the program already running and continued to develop our unique model of care- that can now be upscaled and is already inspiring systemic change. 

In the Fall of 2021 expanded our services by adding a non residential treatment program. We’ve established income generating social businesses which contribute to the unique life affirming and empowering atmosphere at AMEN.

Over 45 women have been served by our healing community in the course of the last two years (some with young children) and hundreds have taken part in workshops and courses. Many women who have gone through our program tell us they would not be alive today without the LWWH

The Next Phase

As we celebrate our two-year milestone, we realize that our greatest achievement has been offering hope– our model works! Every day we get to witness the miracle and courage of healing. 

In order to offer treatment to the hundreds of women on our waiting list, we must expand. We have been offered land in Northern Israel and plan to start building the permanent AMEN Ecovillage.The sooner we can complete our village the more women we can treat and the more lives we can save. The village will also enable us to focus on environmental and financial sustainability; and will serve as an accelerator for the social and cultural change that the next generations deserve.


We are thankfull for your support

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