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Please Help The Terror Victims of Moshav Sdei Avraham

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Moshav Sdei Avraham in Israel underwent a horrific terror attack in the early morning hours of October 7th, 2023. Now, they need your help.

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By Moshav Sdei Avraham
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Moshav Shedi Avraham, a resilient community on the brink. Just 4 kilometers from the volatile Gaza Strip, our story is one of unwavering determination. On the harrowing Saturday, on the 7th of October, darkness fell as electricity and communication were cut. Through luck and the heroism of those who secured our safety, we narrowly escaped disaster.
Today, our community is scattered, and uncertainty looms large. But we refuse to surrender. We are committed to rebuilding, both individually and as a close-knit community. Yet, we need your help.
Your donation, regardless of its size, will be our lifeline. It will help us return to our homes, rebuild, and regain a sense of s
ecurity. Please, stand with us, and together, we'll prove that unity can conquer adversity

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