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Alikhan - a boy, who needs to be saved!

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Alikhan Bisengaliev, 2 years old. Cicatricial stenosis of the larynx and esophagus

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Alikhan Bisengaliyev was born in July 2021 in Kazakhstan. A healthy child, active and mobile. But when he was 1 year and 2 months old, a terrible misfortune happened: a baby trying everything by the tooth grabbed and bit through a bottle of dry potassium permanganate…


With severe swelling of the larynx and a burn of the mucous membranes, Alikhan was admitted to the intensive care unit. Three weeks of struggle – and the boy began to revive. But the damage turned out to be so serious that soon he was back in intensive care. 


The baby left the hospital with tubes in his stomach and larynx – gastrostomy and tracheostomy: without them, Alikhan can neither drink, nor receive food, nor breathe. He can\'t talk because of the tubes either. A small child does not understand that they are saving his life, so he tries to get rid of them. Once he pulled the tube out of his throat, suffocated and almost died.


Surgery – laryngeal plastic surgery can help Alikhan. Doctors in Kazakhstan cannot perform such a complex operation because the child is small and the damage is very serious. But the doctors of the Israeli Sheba Hospital are ready to take it up and predict a good result. 


Alikhan\'s parents have already collected part of the money. Our task is to help the family pay for the baby\'s stay in intensive care. We need to collect 10 thousand dollars. The amount is unaffordable for Albina and Murat Bisengalievs, but if we take it all together, we will give Alikhan a chance to breathe, talk and catch up with his peers! Let\'s give him a chance to live.


Our requisites:

Mizrahi tefahot bank LTD.

469 Florentin branch

54 Salame road, Tel-Aviv, Israel

ACCOUNT: 267634

ACCOUNT NAME: Chance for life

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Pay Box: 0525253631

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