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Sanhedrin Establishment Initiative Fundraising Campaign

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Scouting Mission Fundraiser

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We would like to take a moment to thank you all
and to show our gratitude to our Jewish and Noahide
donors those giving the smallest sums to the biggest,
Hashem sees the intent of everyone, and all that matters
is that we truly do our part to make Moshiach the reality
of the world.
As the Rebbe has said many times in public sichos
and given us (The Shluchim) license to “Greet Moshiach”
in all it’s meanings.
In addition to the above mentioned, those who
contribute the standard suggested sums will receive
different bonuses from us as listed below. 
$50.00 Donation
We will mail a personalized certificate of appreciation
for supporting the Sanhedrin initiative. 
For The $100.00 Donation
Certificate of appreciation
+ 1x Silver Temple Coin.
For The $500.00 Donation 
Certificate of appreciation. 
+ 12x Silver Temple Coins (12 tribes of Israel)
+ Sanhedrin Market share.
For The $1,000.00 Donation 
Certificate of appreciation. 
+ 12x Silver Temple Coins (12 tribes of Israel) 
+ 1x Gold Temple Coin
+ 1K share. 
This donation is towards the Sanhedrin Establishment 
Scouting Mission – Fundraising Campaign . 
Donations are managed
by Rabbi Yosef Edery, Rabbi Bentsion Gagula, Ulf Deible,
The Nation of Ephraim, The Advisory and Justice boards
of the Sanhedrin Initiative as described on 
all donations are tax deductible in The United States of America,
Canada, Europe (EU), Britain and Australia. 
Introduction to Sanhedrin.
The Sanhedrin is a current international
justice system which is based on the Ancient moral and
fair systems
of justice of the Authentic Ancient Jews over 2 thousand
years ago
in the times of the 2 Jewish temples which has
it\\'s roots with Moses
and the Nation of Israel Leaving Exile in Egypt.
Sanhedrin way of justice. 
The bible, common sense, language, history and most
importantly fair contracts are the foundation
of the Sanhedrin\\'s way, exclusively the Sanhedrin were made
up of 70 scholars fluent in 70 languages and well versed in all
types of worship worldwide, deep understanding of humanity
made their judgement very well accepted and well revered. 
The Closest Universal Attempt to the Sanhedrin today.
The United Nations was established after WWI to
bring peace and
lower the conflicts worldwide after the horrific death
tools begun to
be comprehended by mankind,
this peaceful initiative is currently the closest thing to
the just and peace seeking system of law of the Sanhedrin.
some of our MN Global members are part of the U.N
and we work
with then to build on that vision of peace. 
Napoleon\\'s Sanhedrin\\'s establishment was attempted.
Napoleon Took out alleged abusers of power in his day,
he paved the way to the creation of the republic structure we use
in the modern world today. his dream was to bring
justice to the world and he is the last man of his esteem to
try and reestablish the Sanhedrin out of his love
for peace worldwide. 
Why we are bringing the Sanhedrin Back to the Today?
We have been working for years to establish a bridge for
people to
be able to receive justice and respect in situations that may be
heartbreaking, regardless of what their stance
in society may be, we believe in human dignity and we feel
that modern justice systems are sometimes inadequate or
threatening, we work to fix that, to create a truly
confidential place were
people can solve their issues with dignity and
respect by implementing the brilliance of the torah into the
modern justice system in israel and globally. 
Regarding Moshiach\\'s Arrival or revelation, a stalemate
of sorts is in play, many are "waiting" (doing nothing) to
bring Moshiach.
all the while the Jewish leader of our
generation the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a has said
"i have done all i can, from here on in do all that you
can to bring Moshiach".
Coming out of the Pesach Holiday - the holiday supposed
to push us towards redemption ever faster -we are taking
a few ideas with us:
1. we can\\'t just wait for the redemption we need to do.
2. it\\'s ONLY up to us.
3. we need to build the temple.
4. in order to do that, we need a Jewish King Established in Israel.
5. in order to Establish a Jewish King we need a Sanhedrin.
6. in order to establish a Sanhedrin we need to Unite the
Jewish Rabbis and subsequently the Jewish people and
it\\'s Noahide allies via the leadership.
7. Right Wing Orthodox Jewish Parties within the
Israeli Electoral System should unite..
Now the last 2 are things we can all work together
To achieve this coming year and election cycle,
please help us in our united effort to unite the right
in Israeli politics. 
This is where we stand, help us tour
israel in the “Sanhedrin Initiative Scouting Mission” to
make the connections in all levels of leadership in
israel to push us ever closer to our redemption reality.
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