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Stand up to Settlers: Buy Guy an S.U.V.



Stand up to Settlers: Buy Guy an S.U.V.

Fundraising for car for my activity In the Occupied Jordan Valley
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I am a peace activist.  I accompany Palestinian shepherds and farmers who are being harassed by Israeli settlers and soldiers.  I need your help.  Please help me buy a 4 X 4 vehicle that is able to travel to any place where the army jeeps andATVs of the settlers are chasing the farmers and shepherds.The most basic second-hand vehicle suitable for such activity costs about NIS 100,000 (about $30,000)



A few words from Israel prize winner, Ta’ayush activist and Torat Tzedek member David Shulman,
followed by a few words from Guy himself:

Guy is one of the central activists in the Jordan Valley, with a long record in the
Israeli-Palestinian peace movement and the struggle for human rights in Palestine.
I have known Guy for some years, and I have also been through many moments with
him in the field, some of them dangerous, most of them difficult. He has dedicated his life to
protecting Palestinian shepherds and farmers from the constant dangers they face from
violent Israeli settlers and from the soldiers and policemen who almost always back up the
settlers. He has been arrested many times. Settlers have targeted him and tried to kill him.
He is driven from within by a moral sensibility that will not allow him to stand by and watch
as the Israeli government and its various arms pursue the goal of dispossessing the
Palestinian population of the occupied territories. The struggle for human rights in the
territories depends almost entirely on a very small number of courageous and selfless
individuals who are prepared to take the risks and stand up to the authorities and the
settlers, at whatever personal cost. Guy is one of this rare group of human beings worthy of that name.

The struggle for equality and basic human rights in the occupied territories is all too
akin to similar historical processes, such as the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and
the anti-segregation movement in the American South. Someday the contribution of
activists like Guy will be remembered as heroic and taught to children in schools. At the
moment, he needs help in funding the purchase of a sturdy vehicle that will allow him to
reach the remote and rugged corners of the Jordan Valley, where thousands of Palestinian
shepherds and small-scale farmers are barely holding on. His presence in such places, 
along with that of other activists, may make all the difference to the survival of these 
endangered people and their way of life. For those of us who care, and who do what we 
can to keep hope alive, helping Guy at this time is a matter of ethical urgency.

David Shulman,
professor Emeritus, Hebrew University.
Israel prize Winner 2016.

I’m returning to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and I need your support for opposing injustice!

My name is Guy Hirschfeld, 52, divorced and father of two daughters, a human rights activist in

the Occupied Territories for over a decade, and a social activist.

My activist colleagues and I do most of our work in the Occupied Territories, accompanying

Palestinian shepherds and farmers who suffer from harassment, from being blocked from land

access for grazing and agriculture, from demolition of homes and other hostile acts. All of this is

being done in violation of international law (including the laws of occupation) by Israeli settlers,

army and police. Their aim is getting Palestinian residents to leave their land.

We defend the Palestinians as much as possible from harassment in the field and argue their

case before the courts and governmental authorities.

For the past six months I have taken a break from my activities with Torat Tzedek in the Occupied

Territories and invested my time 24/7 in the Balfour Street protests outside the home of the Prime

Minister, who has been indicted on three charges of corruption. Now, as we go to the

Polls and as the reports of escalation in the Jordan Valley have increased, I have decided that it is time to return to full activity in the Occupied Territories


Most of my activity there takes place in the field - in the desert, on hills, in areas without roads -

and that is exactly why I need your help. In order for me, along with other activists, to get to

the places where our presence is required, I need a suitable vehicle (no, the cute 11-year-old

Nissan car in the picture is not exactly suitable for such activity ...).

Therefore, I need a 4 X 4 vehicle that is able to travel to any place where the army jeeps and

ATVs of the settlers are chasing the farmers and shepherds.

The most basic second-hand vehicle suitable for such activity costs about NIS 100,000 (about $30,000).


Please note that there are daily expenses for the activity in the Jordan Valley such as fuel for

activists’ vehicles and for legal assistance, so that any amount we manage to raise above the

cost of the vehicle will be directed to paying those costs.

Donations may be made to the Torat Tzedek organization. Please indicate that the contribution

is being made for the purchase of a vehicle for the Jordan Valley project.


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Many thanks!

Guy Hirschfeld

You can also follow my work on my Facebook page guy hirschfeld


A short film describing my work: Guy Hircefeld, A Guy with a Camera












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